CRAVEN VALE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION  is open to all residents of Baker’s Bottom and Craven Vale.

contact is : The Vale Community Centre, 17a Hadlow Close, BN2 0FH
(O1273) 571573

Roy will post the minutes, photos and comment so that all parts of the area get touched, particularly those who have access to the internet.

Ideas for the blog gratefully received, eg a map of the relevant area, pictures of interest inc. past, present and future (work-in-progress).


4 responses to “About

  1. Dear Craven Vale CA,

    My name is David Burke. I am writing on behalf of a Brighton-wide event called Zocalo, in which we ask people to sit outside their homes for an evening and talk to their neighbours. We have run the event for a number of years in Hanover, and last year took our first steps into Brunswick, Preston Circus and Whitehawk.

    Here is an article about one of our first events, as described for White Dot, the anti-television campaign who helped organise it:

    And here is a link to an article in the Argus from last year:

    Every year we have had a bigger response to this event. Many people have told us stories about meeting their neighbours for the first time with a mug of tea and an end table dragged out on the doorstep. No music, no food, no street closure is necessary. The big event is each other. And children especially respond to this evening out with the grown-ups.

    We are running Zocalo again this September and if you are interested, I would be happy to tell you more. We would appreciate any help you can give spreading the word to your readers.

    Please give us a call, especially if you know residents who might want to help organise.

    Thank you,

    David Burke

  2. this event took place last night (Sept 9th) — apologies for delay in posting this comment — next year’s event will be posted more timeously —

  3. Just to let you know about the ‘Kemp Town and Queen’s Park’ community Facebook page. We’ve posted your info on Bakers Bottom onto it.

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